Own-brand production and marketing of UNI EN ISO/DIN/ANSI/AWWA/BS standard valves, flanges and fittings

Valvole - filtri - giunti
Valves - filters - joints
Vannes - filtres - joints
Valvulas - filtros - articulaciones

Butterfly and ball valves, Balancing valves, Y-Filters, Globe and bellow valves, Check valves, Flexible couplings, Gate valves and Guillotine valves

Valvole asme
Asme valves
Asme vanne
Valvula asme

Gate valves, globe valves, check valves and filters made of stainless steel and carbon steel

Galvanised fittings

Malleable cast iron galvanised fittings

Malleable galvanised cast iron fittings

Raccorderia nera a saldare
Weld fittings
Connexiones weld
Conexiones para soldar

Curves, Tees, Concentric reducers, Rounded bottoms, Connecting branches and Sleeves


Flat, Threaded, Collar and Blind Flanges EN 1092-1

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